Whole Home Smart Lighting

Sophisticated, automated, and easily-controlled home ambience

The Aqara Smart Home Lighting range incorporates versatility, elegance, and high-tech functionality into your home. With a range of smart lights, smart bulbs, and smart switches, achieving a highly sophisticated, yet easily configurable, smart lighting system isn’t just simple – it simply makes sense.

Create scenes, automations, and voice commands to set your home’s lighting with a fine degree of control. Configure colour temperatures, brightness, and colours with a tap on your phone; at a certain time-of-day; or just ask Siri.

Colour Temperature Control

Our Smart Lighting range gives you the full flexibility of changing your lights from warm to cool – from 2700K to 6000K. Warm lights, with its naturally yellowish colour, emulates a setting sun, and suits scenes in the evening for helping you relax. Cool lights, which looks more bluish or white, emulates the noon-time sun and helps you focus on your tasks.

  • Smart Lighting Singapore 2700
    Colour temperature: 2700K (Warm white)

Brightness Control

The Smart Lighting range offers an infinite brightness control. Have your lights bright for a remote meeting, or dim your lights for a movie. Simply turn a dial on a knob switch to achieve the brightness you want, or use your smartphone. Every smart light can be individually dimmed, or you can have them all grouped for easier control. Incorporate brightness into scenes, automations, and voice commands.

  • Smart Dimmable Lighting 5 percent
    Brightness: 5%


Set scenes for your whole home using our range of smart lighting and smart switches. An evening scene can dim your smart lights and turn it to a warmer hue, and turn off other lights connected by smart switches.

Or go all the way, and incorporate smart curtains, locks, and other devices into your scenes.

  • Aqara Smart Home Lighting
    Daytime Scene
  • Smart Lighting Scene - Evening
    Scene: Evening

Whole Home Smart Lighting – Smart Lights and Smart Switches

For best effects, incorporate both smart lights and smart switches into your home.

Smart lights are lights with smart controls embedded directly into them, allowing you to dim, brighten, or change colour temperatures using your app. Smart switches, on the other hand, can only turn normal lights on and off – they cannot dim or control colour temperatures.

It’s possible to incorporate both smart lights and smart switches into every room and home. Daunting? We can help – get in touch with our sales team.

Aqara Smart Lights

Aqara Smart Switches

Aqara Smart Wireless Controls

Aqara Smart Wireless Controls give you additional ways of controlling your smart lights and switches. The Knob Switch H1 and the Cube can be used to adjust brightness or colour temperature by rotation. They can be adhered to a wall, placed on a table, or mounted over an existing switch hole.