Voice & Remote Controls

Aqara supports all leading voice assistants. Use Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa to control your smart home. Voice commands can be used on your smartphones, tablets, or smart speakers. And they work together – use Siri on your iPhone to turn on the light, and Alexa on a Sonos One to turn the same light off.

Voice controls bring hands-free operation to your smart home, eliminating the need for physical interaction with smart home devices. Users can simply issue voice commands to control lights, air-conditioners, locks, curtains, and other smart devices, without the need to reach for a remote control, smartphone, or physical switch. This hands-free operation adds convenience, especially when users have their hands full or are unable to physically interact with the devices.

Remote Controls

Besides being able to control your home with your voice, you’ll also be able to control your home even when you’re out – even if you’re in a different country and time zone. Check your home app to see if you left any lights on at home, and tap on the device to turn it off if you actually did. You can also remotely monitor your home security cameras, and receive notifications if somebody presses on your smart doorbell.