Aqara Smart Door Lock D100


Premium, fully automatic door lock with ultra-fast fingerprint authentication, and Apple Home Keys

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The Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee Edition is a revolutionary smart lock offering multiple convenient unlocking methods. This advanced door lock combines fingerprint recognition, password entry, Bluetooth connectivity, NFC, and a mechanical key for versatile access. The integrated lock body enables one-touch automatic unlocking and automatic locking, ensuring seamless and effortless entry.

Experience a range of intelligent features, including lock state inspection, low battery reminders, lockpicking warnings, and error trial warnings. With compatibility with Aqara Home and Apple HomeKit, the door lock seamlessly integrates with other smart devices, allowing for smart automation control and alarm functionalities in your home.

With Apple Home Keys, unlocking your door can be as simple as a tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch. Your key is kept securely in your Apple Wallet.

  • Fully-Automatic Lock Body: With its fully automated lockset, the D100 eliminates the need to manually push the handle for opening.
  • Ergonomic Fingerprint Reader with Sapphire Coating: Experience fast and accurate fingerprint recognition with the embedded reader, featuring a sapphire-coated surface.
  • Google Assistant and HomeKit Support: Enjoy the convenience of unlocking the door with Google Assistant or the Google Home app. Additionally, the lock seamlessly integrates with HomeKit, including the new Apple Home Key feature. Tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock.
  • 1-Year Li-Ion Battery: Benefit from the sustainable Lithium-Ion battery pack, providing approximately one year of battery life and easy charging through the USB-C port.
  • 9 Unlock Methods: Choose from various unlocking methods, including passwords (permanent, one-time, and periodic), fingerprint, NFC card, mechanical key, Aqara Home app (via Bluetooth or Zigbee), HomeKit (incl. Home Key), and Google Assistant.
  • Louder Speaker and Doorbell Button: The lock features speakers for sound output of up to 103 dB, serving as a doorbell function as well.
  • Metal Unibody with Premium Design: The D100’s glass and metal housing ensures exceptional build quality, offering a solid and fully automatic lock body without any moving parts.
  • Wider Door Thickness Support: The D100 Zigbee supports a wide range of door thickness, accommodating doors from 40 to 120 mm.
  • Mechanical Key and Emergency Type-C Port: Even in the event of battery depletion, gain access using the mechanical key or charge the lock through the hidden Type-C port.
  • Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth Protocols: Benefit from the stability and reliability of Zigbee for automation and cloud integrations, while Bluetooth enables direct connection to your phone.
  • Keypad with Away Mode Button: The invisible keypad appears when you interact with the lock and provides secure entry, while the dedicated Away Mode button allows integration with automations.
  • Remote Unlock via Aqara Home App: Open the Aqara D100 Zigbee remotely using the Aqara Home app, granting access to authorized individuals, such as delivery persons.
  • Remotely-Configurable Passwords and Settings: Configure passwords and lock settings remotely via Zigbee, ideal for rental properties and the hotel industry.
  • NFC Cards and Protection Covers Included: Two Aqara NFC cards with enhanced security are provided for effortless unlocking, along with detachable covers to protect fingers.
  • Child Lock Switch: Enhance protection with the integrated child lock switch, preventing accidental door openings by small children.


Product Name: Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee Edition

Product Model: ZNMS20LM
Dimensions: 393.8*74.2*58.6 mm
Net Weight: 4.2kg
Power Supply Mode: 2480mAh lithium-ion battery (7.2V), USB-C emergency power supply (5V)
Wireless Protocols: Zigbee, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
Operating Humidity: 0-93% RH, non-condensing
Operating Temperature: -10°C -55°C

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Aqara D100 Push Pull Smart Door Lock
Aqara Smart Door Lock D100